Eoin O'Connor lives and works in Aughrim county Wicklow. His highly sought after pieces are among leading business and private collections both at home and abroad.

Eoin's palette is dominated by strong powerful tones that are rich in contrast. He finds his motifs in the immediate surroundings of his native Ireland, the landscapes, the sea, the farmsteads and its many characters. Before painting Eoin had a background in Architecture which explains his assured drawing style that forms the basis for his compositions.

What is striking about Eoin's work is the way he succeeds in bringing something new to the everyday by exaggerating perspectives coupled with a truly courageous use of colour. His work is striking, uplifting and memorable. Eoin has exhibited throughout the world, New York, London and has had several sell-out exhibitions at the RDS in Dublin.

From Eoin...

Let me tell you about myself. When I was young I hadn't a clue what I wanted to do with myself. So when I left school I went off to study Architecture. After many years of studying I realised that it wasnt for me. I thought, I will only live once and I should do what I really love, and that is Painting

I now live in the countryside, in a beautiful little town in south Wicklow called Aughrim. The country side around me here is really beautiful, for me so much so that I find it dangerous driving as every where I look I see a new painting!

My style of painting has evolved over the years, I am lucky I have a style as a lot of people struggle to find one.I obviously like bright colours and light and shade, I love to play with perspective and try and involve the viewer in my paintings . The great thing about painting is it takes you on a journey, when you start a painting you have an idea what it will look like but then whilst painting it evolves and takes control and directs you where it wants to go.

I have been very fortunate to make my living from painting, I have had many exciting times, people tell me I am very lucky, and yes I am but I have had the courage of my convictions and have been very strict and disciplined in how I approach my work. Painting takes hours, days, weeks and even years but that is easy when you love it!

Eoin finds his motifs in the immediate surroundings of his native Ireland, the landscapes, the sea, the farmsteads and its many characters.

As You may know For the last couple of years I have been selling a range of Fine art prints in retail outlets through out Ireland and the UK. From now on I am ceasing to do so and have decides to concentrate more on painting, therefore if you want to purchase any of my paintings or prints you can only do so through my website or my gallery Artbox Kinsale. In a sense I am cutting out the middle man and making my work more exclusive!