New hand embellished limited edition

New  hand embellished limited edition
Hi All Enlightenment is an acrylic on canvas , the painting measures 100cm x 120cm and is painted on a fat canvas. It's frames floating in a thick off white wood box frame , in total it measures 110cm x 130cm I have a lot of interest in this painting As you may know I do fine art prints of my paintings which are normally open editions, with this painting I want to try something new. I am going to do a run of limited Edition prints and I am going to hand embellish them ( paint on them) replicating the colour , texture and mood of the original as close as is humanly possible. The finished prints will be exactly the same dimensions and frame. They will be an edition of 10 and come with a certificate of authenticity They will cost €850 a fraction of the price of the original and will look just as good Eoin